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Oct 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
money to hillary clinton and if you look at all the political contributions i made pre-nbc it was all over the place. biden raised all of his money from the financial services industry. in scranton which he brings up all the time i'm told nine out of ten people will tell you in a poll they don't like the guy. he hasn't done anything but he brings it up constantly and i will also say i thought it was rude, i thought it was disgusting and extremely nasty the laughing, the smiling. i got to tell you, if i was paul ryan, i just, i have more respect for paul ryan today than i did yesterday. >> just for having survived the 90 minutes? >> i could not have sat there with the smirking and the laughing. i couldn't have done it. i would have gotten up and punched the guy in the face. >> we had david walker on last night who said the biggest negative points went to biden for not appearing vice presidential. >> i don't know what the american public is going to think. i could only tell you that i have a problem watching biden do that stuff and i have more respect for paul ryan than i did yesterday,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1